Emma Irwin

I’m Emma, owner of Flipflop Designs and in my ‘spare time’, I’m a Quality Control Lab Technician, Mum to two and wife to Kev. As you can tell, I like to live a quiet life! 


Flipflop Designs was in all honesty a happy accident which came about in the search for a special gift for my husbands 40th birthday from our two children.  I had seen a piece of word art which was fun and fab and thought to myself, I’m sure I can do that, so I did!  With support from family and friends, Flipflop Designs was born and since then, has gone through quite a few stages before reaching where we are now. 


I am self taught through watching You Tube videos and lots of trial and error and when I find some time, I love to learn new techniques and experimenting with other mediums.      

I find it amazing that my work is in homes around the country, being loved and bringing people closer to the ocean and nature.